Vintage Teddy Bears

The history of the beloved teddy bear dates back to the turn of the century, when stuffed replicas of the beloved animal were introduced almost simultaneously in the Germany and the United States. Though each bear was initially made to resemble their real-life counterparts, the toys were eventually modified with larger eyes, smaller noses, and other softer, "cuter" features that made them more accessible to children -- the intended target demographic.

The toys became an immediate success almost overnight, and their tremendous and widespread popularity spawned a culture worldwide that shows no signs of slowing down: Teddy bears have come in all shapes and sizes with different clothes and accessories, and some are made to resemble characters from popular cartoons, movies, sports teams, and television shows.

Because teddy bears and other stuffed animals have been around for a long time, they may require in-depth cleaning or extensive repairs every now and then to keep them in excellent condition. You might have several in your collection that need fixing or restoration, and Bungle Bears and Repairs is here to help. We've had a lengthy history of fixing all kinds of stuffed toys from all over the world, to which our satisfied customers can attest; they have come from places as far-flung as Canada, France, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Malta, and New Zealand!

We invite you to browse through the stuffed toys that we've repaired over the years. If you have one that needs to be fixed, please don't hesitate to contact us. But before you do, we ask that you take note of the following so we can complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible:

1. While Bungle Bears and Repairs strives to reunite your loved ones with their cherished positions as fast as we can, our repair and restoration processes are so thorough that they may take anywhere from several hours to days or even weeks depending on the work required. Nevertheless, our service is reliable and affordable; you can expect basic repairs to start at £25, although you will be responsible for the cost of shipping and handling to and from.

Rest assured that we'll get your bear or toy back to you in tip-top shape as soon as we can.

2. Although we've worked with all kinds of stuffed toys, we are unable to service toys that have complicated mechanisms and moving parts. We can only work with toys that have a material structure; anything with a solid shell may require work elsewhere.

3. While we will do our best to accommodate your requests, we refuse to work with real fur, leather, sheepskin, bone or any other slaughter by-products. If your teddy bear or stuffed toy contains any of those materials, please remove them before sending it to Bungle Bears and Repairs for service.

4. Though we will make every effort to deliver your product in pristine condition on-time, we will place unclaimed or unwanted products up for either sale or donation if it has not been claimed or paid for within a month after its arrival. People need teddy bears as much as teddy bears need people.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Bungle Bears and Repairs and be sure to describe the problem in detail and attach photos of your teddy bear or stuffed toy.

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