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5. What kinds of payment do you accept?

Bungle Bears and Repairs will do everything it can to make sure that your stuffed toy gets repaired or restored promptly -- but, more importantly, correctly. You can put your trust in our expertise and customer service, which is why we believe that you should pay when you're truly satisfied with the work only after it has been carried out.

Photos will be sent to you of the progress we've made with your stuffed toy, and you can pay using bank transfer, cash, or postal orders. Once we've completed the repairs or restoration processes, we will attempt to notify you to pick up your product. If the product has not been retrieved within three contacts or payment has not been received within five working days after repeated attempts, the toy may either be sold to recover the costs or donated to charity.

6. What can we do to aid the restoration process?

We look forward to serving you the best we can, but we'll need your help; before we move further in the repair process, we ask that you provide us with good-quality photos of the stuffed toy or animal along with a detailed description of what you need or would like performed.

Although we've fixed many bears and other stuffed animals, our expertise can only go so far without your help. With the information you've provided, we'll be able to make things right as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

To help serve you even better and ensure that your stuffed toy is either restored or modified to your liking, we also require that you provide the material you wish to be used as a covering.

7. How safe are the processes you use?

Our process is not only thorough, but it's safe to the touch. We do not use harsh or toxic chemicals; therefore, you will be able to play with your teddy bear or put it on display to your heart's content.

Bungle Bears and Repairs can also make vintage and antique bears safer and more appropriate for children, should you request it. These toys may include eyes that are made of glass and joints that are made of cotter-pins, which we can replace with safer and more child-friendly alternatives that you would find in most modern soft toys.

8. How much will the restoration or repair process cost?

This depends on the service you'll require. Feel free to browse through our list of prices. These prices may fluctuate depending on the extent and complexity of the work required in addition to the size of the teddy bear or stuffed toy. As always, we ask that you provide us photos of them along with a detailed description of the services you would to be performed, so as to expedite the mending or modification processes.

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