Customer Questions on Repairs

1. What services do you provide for stuffed toys?

Bungle Bears and Repairs will do its utmost to modify your stuffed animal or restore it to the condition in which you first got it. All we need is a detailed explanation of the toy — along with photos, which would be a great help — and which services you require.

We can repair, replace, or modify features such as mouths or paws on your bear or stuffed toy. Our thorough repair process will ensure that damaged or missing paws are a thing of the past, too. Furthermore, if you desire, we can also cover the bear or toy from head to toe. And we’re second to none when it comes to filling in or patching up holes and tears — just ask our list of satisfied clients.

We invite you to contact us for more information on how we can get your toy back into tip-top shape.

2. What services are you unable to provide?

While we will do our best to provide the best toy repair and restoration service available, we are unable to service most stuffed toys that contain complicated internal mechanisms, mechanical moving parts, and electronic devices. We usually work only with teddy bears and other soft toys that are made from soft material. You can always contact us and send us photos of your toy if you’re ever unsure, and we would be more than happy to take a look.

Though you can rest assured that we will do our best to meet your stuffed toy needs in most cases, Bungle Bears and Repairs refuses to work with any sort of slaughter or animal by-product; this includes things like leather, sheepskin, bone, suede, fur, or feathers. We will not accept any products that contain those materials, and we will promptly return them should they be sent.

We invite you to contact us beforehand so we can discuss what course of action would work best for you.

3. How long does the repair process usually take?

It depends on the time and distance needed to transport the item along with the extent of the service being performed, along with the number of orders in our queue. As a rule of thumb: We wash repairs on a Saturday and repair them on Sunday; if you get your soft toy to our offices before Saturday, you will most likely get it back repaired and ready on Monday.

Extensive repairs, on the other hand, and restoration of vintage and antique toys may take anywhere from several days to a week, though Bungle Bears and Repairs usually hasn’t taken more than ten days. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that we will do our best to reunite your stuffed toy with you and your loved ones as quickly as possible.

4. How do I get my teddy bear or stuffed animal to Bungle Bears and Repairs?

We look forward to seeing you at our location in Northfield, Birmingham! All we ask is that you contact us and make arrangements before dropping off your stuffed animal; this makes things easier and more organized for both parties and cuts down on any unnecessary inconveniences.

You can also send your item via any sort of delivery, and it will be either posted back or made available to be collected in person once the service is complete.

If you have made an appointment to drop off your item and will be unable to make it for any reason, please us let us know in advance. We at Bungle Bears and Repairs look forward to serving you!


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