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Like all of the prized possessions in our household, teddy bears and other stuffed animals must handled with care and diligence -- especially if you want future generations to enjoy them just as much as you have.
Luckily, Bungle Bears and Repairs is here to help. We have fixed hundreds of teddy bears and all kinds of other soft toys from all over the world, with satisfied customers hailing from Canada, France, the Channel Islands, Abu Dhabi, Malta, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. Those customers can testify to Bungle Bears and Repairs' impeccable service and track record of repairing your beloved childhood toys.
Many well-known bodies use our services such as the Victoria and Albert Museum. Upcoming brand such as Charlie bears are more exacting due to the fabrics used. There are also regular events celebrating teddy bears all around the UK.

With our help, your favorite teddy bear will be back in tip-top shape in no time -- and we've yet to come across one that couldn't be fixed with a little bit of effort. But to make sure that your stuffed animals are repaired as efficiently and quickly as possible, we may need some help from you:

1. Because we want to make sure your teddy bear or soft toy leaves our factory in better shape than when you first got it, the repair process may take anywhere from a few days to a week or even slightly more. This, of course, depends on where you live and when and how we received the item; local customers can expect repairs to take only a matter of days -- possibly even hours, depending on the type of work you need performed -- but those overseas may have to wait for a couple of weeks or possibly more.

Your child may be left without his or her favorite toy for quite some time, but don't worry. The sooner it gets here, the quicker we can reunite them with their beloved stuffed friend and keep them together for years to come.

2. While we pride ourselves on our ability to put your stuffed animals back on the mend, we may be unable to repair complicated mechanisms like moving parts. Currently, we only work with toys that have a material structure; anything with a solid shell may be beyond our skills and may require assistance elsewhere.

Though Bungle Bears and Repairs strives to work with as many customers as we can, we refuse to work with stuffed animals that contain real fur, leather, sheepskin, bone, or other slaughter by-products. Please ensure that your stuffed animal is free of those products before sending it to our factory for service.

Please tell us as much information about your stuffed animal as you can. That way, we can help expedite the repair process.

3. Mending smaller limbs, like paws, may take two hours, but more extensive fixes may take days. Because the repair process is quite thorough, Bungle Bears and Repairs prices start at £25 (please have a look at the Price Guide by clicking here).

While Bungle Bears and Repairs will do whatever it takes to ensure that owners are reunited with their favourite stuffed toys, we may put those that are unclaimed, unpaid for, or unwanted up for either sale or donation after an extended period of time. After all: People need bears, and bears need people.

We even handle teddy repairs for the more exclusive fabrics now being offered in more contemporary teddy bears designs.

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The new Hugglets teddy bear guide for 2018 is published in October 2017 and will give you an overview of the world of  teddies and of course, who might be interested in yours.
As you will be looking at the activities of collectors and teddy bear lovers you can be sure you are looking at top prices, and not bargain basement clear out prices by those who are not true believers.

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